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Mila iloria

Celebrating Life 1

Celebrating Life 1

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Description: The delicate and unique representation of energy of life through endless flowing shapes and deep light blue colours. 

"Art is a Celebration of life" - Pablo Picasso

Everything happens in a perfect timing, perfect place, perfect space, perfect colours, perfect lines and perfect moments of everyday life. Just trust the process. Simply Go with the Flow. 

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  • One of a kind

Inspired by Cy Twombly.

It brings delicate power, harmony and beauty of the world into your space.

Medium: Dark Gesso and Acrylic on canvas. Strong brushstroke accents is in the heart of this piece, transparent multi layered texture.

Dimensions:  100x130x4 cm / 39,37”x51,18”x1,57” 

Perfect for frameless look with such chunky edge

Year: 2021

Signature: Painting is signed on the edge and could be signed on the front upon request

Art Period: Contemporary, Corona times

Movement/Style: Abstract


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