Solo Art Exhibition "Making Choices"

For the first time,  Mila iloria, the Abstract Artist, presents an Interactive Solo Exhibition:



The place of the exhibition is extraordinary: the 2021 Finlandia Prize for Architecture Winner - Fyyri, Kirkkonummi, Finland. Indeed, it’s the ‘Infrastructure for Happiness’. 

The artist invites the viewer to co-create. There are 6 pairs of paintings and the viewer is encouraged to establish a communication with her subconscious mind in order to receive free associations. There are no right or wrong answers. It’s amazing how differently each of us perceives the same painting. The goal of the exhibition is to collect over 500 responses and to see the diversity in our points of view on art and life in general. 

Date: 03-22.10.22

Place: Fyyri, Kirkkonummi 

This exhibition is the preliminary stage for the bigger exhibition “F.I.B” (working title) that is planned for the year 2023-2024.

We are inviting you to unlock your subconscious mind and to receive the answers by filling the short survey: Unlock Your Mind

Our team is eagerly looking forward to receiving your surprising answers. 

To answer the question, fill in the form under this link Unlock your Mind 

We appreciate your creativity and your unique personal traits.



Mila iloria - Abstract Artist, Researcher, established the method “Art of Self-Exploration”

Irina Golovacheva -  Art Critic

Kate Wissel - Art Historian and Psychoanalyst

Hannu Mansikkaviita - Engineering Assistance

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