Sameising x iloria: Nature's Endless Shapes

Sameising x iloria: Nature's Endless Shapes

Welcome to upcoming Jewelry and Art Exhibition on 29-31 July, at Helsinki, Kruunuhaaga, Rauhankaty 7. Open 12-18. 

And here is the story behind this exhibition:

For how long do you know each other? We met 1 month ago at preparation meeting for Konstrundan annual event of opening doors artist studios across Finland. I was checking how many artists are from my area and disappointedly it was only one person. But by many huge surprise her name and surname was the same as of my close friend. I was intrigued to meet the second Sanna Perunka. We got connected at once and the same evening all three of us were enjoying white wine at a summer terrace. By the way, Sannas have found out to have the common grandparents in the 4th generation. 

How your artistic collaboration with Sameising started? We didn’t plan anything big in advance. Sanna asked me if I feel for bringing one painting to her pop-up exhibition? I said: it sounds good. In my artists practise I am not rushing to bring my paintings into unknown territories. At first I have to feel the person, space, desires, wishes, in one word … i have to tune into their vibes and to see how we resonate together. I have to find the best of them in order to amplify their beauty, their personality and uniqueness. 

What have you found about Sanna and her jewellery? Oooh, it’s simply amazing. It’s so authentic. It’s so her at every shape, at every move, at every curves. I loved it from the first sign. Her jewellery connects you with Finnish nature of Lapland. And Sanna is a fabulous person. Once you see how she is communicating with her clients - you would like her as well. 

What is your favourite jewellery? Finnish map with thousands of lakes is my favourite one. Travelling in Finland is so beautiful and it reminds me about millions of happy moments of my life. 

What was the process of finding the right paintings for this event? It was so simple. When I was tuned into Sanna’s beauty, the images of my paintings started to come into my mind. It was inspired the same way I receive the inspiration for my paintings. I paint when I am full of beauty and it’s asked to be expressed on canvas. 

How many paintings is at this event? Surprisingly, At Sanna’s first exhibition my 10 paintings have found their favourite places. It was so pleasant to see how almost every one visiting the event was mentioning that jewellery and paintings are like made for each other. They were resonating together on the same vibes bringing more harmony to the space. 


It sounds like it’s not the end of the story? We were so inspired by the atmosphere created and by the feedbacks received during the first event that the second window and other walls have started to ask to decorate them as well. That’s in our plans for the second exhibition on 29-31.07. We are excited to see what is coming next. We don’t know yet ourselves and we have a deep trust that something wonderful is going to happen. 

Welcome to experience these amazing vibes at Kruununhaka yourself 

  • Rauhankatu 7, 00170 Helsinki
  • 29-31 July
  • Open: 12-18




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