Nature's Endless Shapes

Nature's Endless Shapes

You are invited...

to admire the unique moments of nature. These endlessly beautiful shapes which Sameising and ILORIA have put together and will take You to a journey, where you can find the beauty around you as well as in you.

Nature's Endless Shapes is presenting unique moments of nature by Sameising and Iloria at Herné Atelier.

Mila Iloria's art is inspired by travelling and works of other artists. The set of three paintings "Go with the Flow" is the gemstone of the exhibition. Through her striking abstractions, Mila Iloria conveys her joie de vivre. 

Mila Iloria's abstract paintings have been carefully selected to match the vibes of Sameising's jewelry and to amplify the beauty of nature of Lapland. They are modern, timeless and stimulate the aesthetical senses of the art lovers. 

Sameising is a small company offering design products in Oulu. Goldsmith Sanna Maria Perunka's memories of her childhood and the landscape of Lapland are strongly present in her products. Sameising silver jewelry's designs are made to be unique as they highlight different textures with minor details.

Herné, Rauhankatu 7, 00100 Helsinki



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